Get Rid Baby Belly Fat-How To Make Good Choices In Restaurants

Eating out is a pleasure most people enjoy. Just because you are looking to get rid of baby belly fat doesn’t mean you have to avoid eating at a restaurant you love! All you need to do is to pay attention to the menu, watch for danger items, learn how to make sensible  selections, know how the good is prepared, and not being shy about telling the waiter what you want and how to prepare it. 

Nowdays, just about all restaruants, including fast food ones, have menus which accomodate healthy eating. Us the following ‘do and don’t’s recommended by Tom Venuto, author of “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle” and you can’t go wrong!


*Don’t order fast food burgers. Instead, order a grilled chicken or turkey breast sandwhich

* Don’t order cheese, cream, egg, or onion soups. Choose clear, broth -based soups with veggies or noodles.

*Don’t order foods described as buttered, buttery, in butter sauce, prime, stuffed, sauteed, fried, pan fried, batter-dipped, creamed, in cream sauce, in cheese sauce, in its own gravy, hollandaise, alfredo, au gratin, au lait, a la nonde, or marinated.

*Don’t order rich, creamy sauces

*Don’t order croissants, pastries, biscuits, butter rolls, or regular muffins

*Don’t order traditional dessers. If you must, split with a friend

*Don’t feel you have to finish everything on your plate

Whew! Quite a bit of don’t’s! If you want to ger rid of the baby belly fat, you gotta be care careful when you eat out so you won’t sabatage your weight loss efforts!  Thank goodness Tom also recommends some “do’s”. Here they are:


*Do order food described as broiled, grilled, poached, roasted, baked, or steamed

*Do order your vegetables steamed

*Do order whole grain breads, toast, breadsticks, rolls, or p itas (no butter).

*Do order your vegetables steamed

*Do order fresh fruit (no whipped cream or toppings)

*Do order grilled (not fried) chicken breasts and make sure the skin is removed

*Do order red pasta sauces instead of creamy white sauces (no Alfredo!)

*Do order entrees containing chicken, fish, seafood, rice, potatoes, and vegetables

*Do order your baked potatoe plan (sorry, no butter, sour cream, no bacon bits!)

*Do order green and tossed salads without the high-fat toppings like bacon bits, cheese, and croutons

*Do order low calorie salad dressings

*Do order low calorie syrups for pancakes (preferably whole wheat or buckwheat)

*Do order bagels or low-fat/sugar free muffins at breakfast instead of donuts and pastries

*Do order your eggs cooked with whites only or no more than 1 yolk

*Do order beverages such as low fat or skim milk,  diet sodas, fruit juice, tea, coffee

*Do eat small portions

*Do sue freely spices, pepper, herbs, mustard, lemon juice, and vinegar

*Do order desserts including frozen yogurt, frozen fruit ices, and sugar free jello

The list of “do’s” looks pretty good doesn’t it?! Can you get rid of baby belly fat plus still eat out and enjoy yourself? Of course! Just follow the recommendations above and you will continue to  lose the weight and fat!




Train Hard and Expect Success! 

Monique Hawkins

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