How to Lose Baby Belly at Home by Following The Weight Maintenance Predictors:13 Behaviors and Attitudes That Keep Fat Off Forever

One of my favortite weight loss experts I enjoy folloiwng is Tom Venuto, author of “Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle.” If your desire is how to lose the baby belly at home, Tom’s blog and book has a wealth of information which can help you achieve your goals.

He sent out a recent article which covered 13 behaviors and attitudes that not only help a person lose the weight and fat, but also keep it off forever. I thought I’d share some excerpts with you. I will also include a link where you can read the article in its entirety. Be sure you also take a look at the weight loss resources below, one of which also links to Tom’s bestselling book.

Enjoy! You will learn a lot.


The Weight Maintenance Predictors: 13 Behaviors and Attitudes That Keep Fat Off Forever By Tom Venuto

This is probably the best check-list of weight maintenance advice I have come across this year – if not ever.


This is straight from peer-reviewed obesity research journals, not from pop fitness websites, so you can trust that this advice is rock solid and true.

The data came from obesity researchers at the University of Surrey (UK). They didn’t conduct a new study, however – they did an exhaustive review of 152 other studies (Basically, ALL the major research that’s ever been done on weight maintenance).

What I’ve done is to summarize the most important weight maintenance factors for you (psychological traits and physical behaviors) and then translate that into a lesson or actionable step.

The more of these strategies you use, the more likely you’ll be not only to lose fat, but to keep it off for good. A person who is 13 for 13 (or even close to it) is simply NEVER going to have a weight problem.


In the words of the authors, tracking calories eaten, workouts performed, body weight change, progress achieved, and so on, are “cardinal behaviors of successful weight maintainers.” Maintainers monitor everything. They are journalers, trackers, and counters. Remember, you can’t improve it if you’re not even measuring it.

Self-responsibility / Internal locus of control

People who attribute (blame) their body fat on medical conditions are LESS successful at maintenance. This is most likely because they don’t believe they’re in control of their results. A person with an internal locus of control believes that outcomes are under their own control. A person with an external locus of control believes outcomes are controlled by outside forces such as environment, genes or chance. High internal locus of control strongly predicts successful fat loss and long term maintenance.


External motivation is helpful, but no motivation is better than self motivation. Research confirms that being SELF motivated predicts successful weight loss from both exercise and diet programs.

Self motivation vacillates a lot for most people and the research has found two major reasons why: (1) Small lapses in compliance cause a drop in motivation, and (2) self criticism causes a drop in motivation. Successful maintainers are kind to themselves, they avoid critical self-talk, and they understand that they’re going to have lapses, they simply bounce back quickly.

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