Lose Waist Fat-How An Alkalized Body Can Promote Weight and Fat Loss

MMost people do not realize that one of the reasons they may struggle to lose weight is because their bodies “ph” balance is off. Losing waist fat, fat from the belly, from around internal organs, etc. can become easier when the body is healthy.

When a body’s ph balance if off, it can create a breeding ground for sickness and disease. Everybody knows that when one is sick plus is trying to lose weight, it becomes almost impossible. Therefore, one of the easiest things we can do is make sure our bodies stay healthy and well.

One of the ways I do this is by taking a product from It Works! Global, called “Greens.” Most people do not get enough green veggies in their diet and this product not only ensures the body gets what it needs, but also creates a balanced ph.

The video below shares how this works. After reviewing the video, if you would lke more information about the product, you can visit https://moniquehawkins.myitworks.com/Shop/Product/475

Remember to also visit the weight loss resources listed below!

Train Hard and Expect Success! 

Monique Hawkins



Weight Loss Resources:

Do you want to learn how to tighten tone and firm in as little as 45

minutes? Then, contact me or visit http://moniquehawkins.MyItWorks.com


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-Dr. Oz Blog



The metabolism myth almost no one wants to believe:



All Diets Are Useless without This!







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