Exercise to do to Lose Belly Fat-The Top 4 Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Everybody knows that it can be a challenge to lose belly fat. Everybody says that doing the right exercises to lose belly fat along with good nutrition will help the fat melt right off. In the article below, you will discover some simple exercises you can do a couple of times a week to get rid of the belly fat for good!

Most Suitable Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

By John Fordyce

Losing belly fat is a major concern for many of us and most do not know how to do it. The best way is to exercise regularly and in this article we will look at some of the most suitable exercises to lose belly fat.

Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Bicycle Exercise

Bicycle exercise is known to be an excellent technique of losing belly fat. The method involves getting in supine position keeping both hands on back of the head. Get knees closer to chest simultaneously while you lift your shoulders from the floor.

Gradually get the right elbow close to the left knee and at the same time move the right leg so that it straightens. Do the same for the other side as well so that it becomes like a pedaling motion. Try to do at least three sets with twelve to sixteen repetitions every day to achieve maximum benefits.

Leg Raise – Captain’s Chair

You will need captain’s chair for performing this routine and rack having padded arms so that your legs can hang freely as you may have seen in many of the health clubs. To start the exercise, stand up on the chair & grip both the hand holds. Raise knees up to your chest so that the abs are contracted and then bring the knees down. Repeat the same steps in three sets with each set have about fifteen repetitions.

Ball Crunch

You will require an exercise ball for this belly fat reduction routine. The routine is such that abdomen exerts more but other body parts are also required during the exercise. First you will have to lie over the ball on your back & keep the hands behind head.

Next you will have to contract abs for lifting torso from ball while at the same time stabilize the ball during the curling up routine. Finally you will lower down for stretching your abs and this exercise is to be done three times having fifteen repetitions in each of the three sets.

Leg Crunch

This is vertical leg crunch where you lie down on floor with legs pointing straight up towards the roof, keep the knees crossed & support your head by keeping the hands beneath it. Start to lift shoulders from floor so that the abs is contracted while keeping the legs totally fixed. Perform this exercise on a daily basis the do it the same number of times as the ball crunch exercise.

Long Arm Crunch

For this exercise you will have to lie down and extend your both arms fully straight behind and at the same time keep them clasped as well as close to the ears. Now gradually contract your abs & start lifting your shoulders from floor so that arms remain straight. You will have to do this exercise in three sets of fifteen repetitions on a daily basis to get maximum results.


Thus we can conclude by saying that you can expect very good results by doing these exercises on a regular basis and lose belly fat quickly & easily.


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The bottom line is this, if you want to lose belly fat, you have to exercise to do it plus eat right! If you choose to do this, you will see that you will be slim and  have a flat belly in no time!


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