Exercises to Slim- Check out celebrity Traner’s Gunnar Peterson’s Complete Workout

Everybody knows that nutrition is the number one key to losing belly fat. The close second to nutrition is consistently following a exercise routine. There are many exercises to slim which are fun and creative. These exercises not only drop the pounds and fat, but also build a healthy heart.

I was recently visiting Fitness.com and they had an 8 minute video in which celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson showed exercises to perform to help you achieve your goals. Some of the exercises I had seen; some I have not. They all looked great to me since I love trying out new exercises anyway! If you are looking to tone your muscles, lose the fat and weight for good, with the bonus of getting  heart-healthy heart, you will love Gunnar’s routine!

Gunner highlighed some excellent exercise which slim. I know sometimes life gets busy, but I also strongly feel that if you are committed to acheiving your weight and fat loss goals, you will find the time to do what needs to be done. If you just did 2-3 sets of the exercises Gunnear exercises 2-3 times per week, I think the excess weight and fat will just drop off. Why not give it a shot? Your body and heart will thank you for it!

Remember to visit the weight loss resources below! The body wrap is really great and if you wrap plus do what Tom Venuto recommends in “Burn the Fat, “Feed the Muscle, you will be amazed at your result!

Train Hard and Expect Success! 

Monique Hawkins



Weight Loss Resources:

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