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asy Diet Plans-Why You May Want To Consider Going Vegan

February 24, 2013

Today, there are many easy diet plans for people to choose from. However, as someone who is vegetarian and working hard on going vegan, I have to admit I may be a bit biased! However, I do believe that when one puts in their body food in its original form as much as possible, the body will respond by not only shedding the excess fat and weight, but also will become more healthy. 

Going vegan may seem overwhelming and a daunting task at first. However, if you truly desire to do this, then make gradual changes and in time, you will find yourself adjusting very well to this different way of eating.

I thought I would share with you a video which teaches the benefits of going vegan. The presenter, Hesh Goldstein, describes how a “Vegan Diet Can Save Your Health and Money”. He describes the numerous ethical, health, and environmental advantages of a vegan diet. He explains how the U.S. “Health Care Crisis,” so hotly debated in Washington recently, is in actuality the result of the government’s own USDA agricultural subsidies, which give financial aid only to the unhealthiest products of U.S. agriculture. When combined with the advertising tax deductions given by the IRS and exploited by the unhealthiest offerings of the U.S. food industry, we have an explanation for the blackout of real health news by the ad driven American media.

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